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Video Narration

Here we are looking at two buildings and this first one is 19 feet wide, but let me get the side measurement of it. It looks like a small carriage building. But there is somethings we are about to find out on the inside. It's a nice even measurement of 19' by 26'. Looks like the side windows are early ones, kind of interesting. Let's go in and see what we've got. I can see a bit of a hand-hewn beam in there so it's gonna be an interesting little building. Well, it's full of a lot of stuff, but let's look beyond that right now. It's got a later 20th century sawn second floor put in it, but right here in the middle it's a three-bent little building with nice hand-hewn beams. It's got three posts down each side and this little beam in the middle is a 9" by 9". It's a nice little carriage building, 19' by 26'. Let's take a look up in here. Its seems to have a nice height to it, but let's get a corner measurement. It's got 14' side walls, nice height for a small building. It's got log weenie rafters in it. Nice small timber frame up here. It's got one-piece hand-hewn plates in it. There are a lot of old harnesses hanging up in here so they stored their harnesses up here. It would be a nice building for a little guest house or a studio. It has sawn braces. It has a heavy corner post here that is an 8' x 12', kind of a big one. It's got hand-hewn collar ties in each end. There is a nice space upstairs. Might be nice to put some hewn rafters in it with some high collar ties to pull the sides together and it would be a nice-size building with a good height.

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