Special Thanksgiving Event

Hands-on Barn Raising

Children & Adults Barn Raising · Annual Benefit Auction

Come over to the barn-raising site and see the way early Pioneers handcrafted barns from logs felled from the virgin forest using a broadax, adz and handsaw. On Friday and Saturday we'll assemble and raise the wall beams of an eighteenth-century barn!

We will auction off the 2012 Ploughshare Barn, the Fox Creek Barn(demonstration) and the Miniature Barn(demonstration) by sealed bid to the highest bidder*, with all proceeds going to The Ploughshare Institute for Sustainable Culture.

Historic Building Tour

On Friday and Saturday afternoons, join us at 4:30 for a walking tour of seven restored buildings.

Over the years, we have moved these eighteenth- and nineteenth-century buildings from various parts of the United States and rebuilt them at our farm to preserve the good things of the past for the present and the future.


Toy Sailboat · Jump Rope · Dip a Candle · Cross-Stitch · Woven Basket · Baker's Broom · Soap Ball · Woven Coaster · Quilted Coaster · & More!

We offer a variety of make-your-own activities for children & adults. For schedule check at new Make-Your-Own tent located behind the pavilion.

Homestead Food

We prepare the foods for our Homestead Fair at our Homestead Farms kitchens at Brazos de Dios using fresh, wholesome ingredients, including whole grains and all-natural beef and chicken.

Live Music

Thousands who visit the Fair each year enjoy our special music presentations. Join us each afternoon in the music tent as our children play their instruments and sing. On Friday and Saturday nights join us as we all gather for an evening of uplifting gospel music with the Heritage Choir and Orchestra.

Handcrafted Gifts

Feature: Fine Crafts Gallery · Masterpiece Barn Auction

Choose from among hundreds of distinctive, handcrafted items—a hand-painted stoneware oil lamp from the Pottery booth; a hand-stitched baby quilt from the Sewing & Quilting booth; a hand-turned lamp made of native mesquite from the Woodworking booth; a bar of sweet-smelling lavender soap from the Soap Making booth; or a wrought-iron fireplace set hand forged by one of our community blacksmiths.

And Much More!

Horse-Drawn Hayrides · Horseback Rides · Petting Pen · Crafts Demonstrations

For general questions regarding the Homestead Fair, please call
(254) 754-9600.
*For questions related to Barn Auction, please contact Kevin at (254) 744-4148. kevin@heritagebarns.com

Homestead Craft Village
608 Dry Creek Rd
Waco, TX 76705

Homestead Fair 2012

Homestead Fair 2012

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